Shannon (notclevrgirl) wrote,

i never imagined it would be like this...

so much has happened int he past 48 hours i don'r even know how ro begin to describe it all...nor do i really have the time...

but saying goodbye to genevieve was surreal... for some reason her being away hasn't hit me...

but matt.
i didn't realize it would be so hard to see him go. that night those things he said about me ment so much, and i am so greatful that i got to know him... but its so bitter sweet cause now he's gone.

dave. i hate this. dave left. i couldn't say anythign that really expressed how i feel when we were saying goodbye.

this is all so much. its all happeneing so fast. i haven't seen any of my. jr... err sr. friends in so long, and i want to... but i guess they are going to have to wait until next week.

i wish i had time to write a real entry... but here i am on the go... at vanessa's house now.

i love you all, and saying goodbye is so hard.

lots of love
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