Shannon (notclevrgirl) wrote,

i dote on his very absence~W.S.

advice that you should take from me if you haven't yet graduated:
do all your applications NOW they are easy to do, so just get it done!

have all your friends apply to the same college and just go there...fuck names like harvard... go to the same school as your friends.

don't fall for anyone past the month of feb. because there is too much hurt in the process when you leave. and especially don't fall for them in the summer.

don't expect to get sleep 4 weeks before you leave for school. 2:30 bed time is WICKED early. and it's not just because you are out with your friends... its because you think that 1:00am is a good time to clean your room, or make cookies.

don't get mad at people before you leave just to make the goodbye easier.

hug everyone.

come and visit me in school, address information soon to be announced.

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