Shannon (notclevrgirl) wrote,

a rant...

live journal is making me mad because i can't see any of my friends pages.

i am also mad that i am left here in natick while those i love are off having a college experience.

i am also mad because some of the people that are here, don't seem to really care that i am leaving, and i say screw off to them. if they do-or have ever cared about me... they can call me and stop acting so nonchalant about my leaving for the rest of the year.

to those that have shown their love i appreciate it.

i love you babe.
and dan and nick.
and foz.

you guys have been the best and i love you showing me you care.

to the rest of you.

i did make an effort to become your friend, and take care of you and talk to you in times when you had no one else to talk to, or no one else would. when no one else would give you attention or love.

so fuck off.
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