Shannon (notclevrgirl) wrote,

its yet to be determined, but the air is thick, and my heart is feeling warn...

my heart is certainly feeling warn.
i just got a letter from vieve
and susie didn't call me at 6:00 like she said she would
and i miss them all so much
and i wonder if anyone could possibly understand what its like to miss people so much
it hurts
and its strange that i would be sad over this now
and not when i was saying goodbye
but i want to just do nothing with susie and drive around
and i want to go to dunkins with vanessa
and i want to lie in a bed of all white sheets smelling mangos and peaches with gen by my side
but i can't
cause i'm here
and they are not
i feel like i have lost something imortant
like me arm
or my heart.
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