Shannon (notclevrgirl) wrote,

living in your letters, breathe deeply from this envelope it smells like you and i can't be without

that scent it's filling me with all you mean to me...

she has snokey eyes
her makeup is smuged from not washing her face, and just falling asllep the night before.
when it's 4:00 you don't really care if your face is clean or not.
she woke up and put on her black lace tank top, and angelina jolie long sweater.
she looks strangely like a famous person when she gets dressed and heads out the door without showering...
lately she has been living in pictures
the emotions are so amazing, unlike anything she has ever felt before.
the hugging ones...the embarassing ones...the silly ones...the heartaches....

"is shannon going to be there tonight?"

he really asked that?

"yeap, he only asked if you were going to be there.

walking in the door...

he hugged her when he came in the room. she was lieing on the couch, eyelashes fluttering falling asleep.

his smile...

"i haven't seen you...."

right to me

big hig. the smell of his sweatshirt...

"shannon, did you see how excited he was to see you?"

yeah he was smiling...

"no he was so happy to see you, i was excited for you, it shocked me to see him that happy."

"shannon, get in a picture with him


later, i don't want to trample over everyone

"honey, get over here"

can't breathe, you are so stupid shannon.

hands on my shoulder, laughter...

i can't say goodbye to you...

"i'm going to miss you year, training you and me are back together.... we're getting married."

don't cry smile. don't cry smile. don't cry...

waking up the next morning. that feeling in her stomache. he's gone. she can't breathe. she can't swallow. the weight of it all has set heavily on her heart.

all she has are those silly little things...

living in those pictures...

living without genevieve isn't easy. she's not here to hold her hand. she needs genevieve to hold her hand.

she needs people not to go to places like virginia, or pa...

she needs them back.

her smokey eyes flutter back tears that have been buliding up... the hardest goodbyes are yet to come...
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